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Welcome! I currently provide full service counseling, psychotherapy and coaching for individuals of all ages, as well as families. My focus is on improving relationships and achieving the joyful fulfillment of a satisfying, meaningful and purpose-filled life.

Additionally, fifty years of experience with the gifted population (particularly the twice exceptional--those who also have learning or emotional challenges) has prepared me to offer a uniquely specialized program to address the particular needs of this community.  I am able to assess a range of challenges and learning differences, including the administration of some achievement and qualitative assessments. My goal is to help provide concrete emotional and behavioral solutions that will improve all aspects of work and family life.

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A psychotherapist can help you turn on the light switch that you didn’t even know was there…”


“A good consultant can facilitate a dialogue even when it seems like communication is dead and buried…”

Life Coaching

“A life coach can help you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be….”

Groups and Workshops

“Sometimes parents and educators just need permission to look at things from outside the box …”

Office Sessions

Generally, psychotherapy clients (sometimes called Patients) meet for 50 minutes, once a week, with a therapist in his or her office...

Phone & Skype

For some people, it can be difficult to come to a session in person. Telephone appointments can be useful in dealing with a variety of issues...

Email Sessions

Another option for people who might not be able to keep an appointment, at the office or by phone, is to maintain an email correspondence...

House Calls

Clients will sometimes need the therapist to come to them. This would include those suffering from agoraphobia, or the physically/mentally handicapped...

Peace Within, Peace Between

By Linda Powers Leviton, MA., MFT.

How to Transform All Your Relationships through the Genius of Virginia Satir, World Famous Family Therapist.    

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Teamwork: Helping Visual-Spatial Flowers Blossom in an Auditory-Sequential Garden

  • February 3, 2014
  • By

Linda Powers Leviton, M.A. Human beings yearn to be accepted and appreciated for the unique resources they bring to the world—that includes students of every age, shape, and learning style,…


Cutting Out Labels- Understanding Tactile-Kinesthetic Learners

  • April 18, 2013
  • By

By Linda Powers Leviton M.A. M.F.T.   Randy is a 6 ft. 205 lb. 17 year-old boy. On one particular day, he is curled into a fetal position and has…

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The following testimonials are taken from letters and correspondence of actual clients or colleagues. All are used with permission of the authors. Names and details have been changed or generalized to protect confidentiality    

When I was really starting to panic about how to handle my lovely, clever daughter, Linda offered concrete solutions and a 'You'll both get through this' attitude that made all the difference. I now have access to the tools that I need.

Mother of a gifted 3 year old girl
Mother of a gifted 3 year old girl

Of all the people I have been in therapy with, this has been the most invigorating experience. I think mostly it is so because I was ready finally, and because your group's practices are mindful of the complexities of being gifted or different in that way, which was always the obstacle that no one could pin down or figure into the equation. Mostly, or always, the focus was on the symptons, but rarely upon me. This journey is special now, and every single day presents itself with so many choices and challenges and I am happy that I can talk to you and happy that I am able to take in what you say to me. So, thank you for your feedback and for pushing me, and thank you for all the time you've spent listening."

J.T. gifted young woman
J.T. gifted young woman

You are undoubtedly one of the most fantastic women I've met. The short time we worked together was the most productive time I've spent...I don't know how many ways I can go on saying the same thing. You're the best and thank you.

17 year old actress
17 year old actress

At our daughter's 4 year old checkup, the pediatrician recommended having her evaluated for giftedness; we were very happy to find out that Linda Leviton had set up an office in Los Angeles. Over the phone I already felt understood. My daughter spent about an hour with Linda in a playlike setting that she thoroughly enjoyed - in fact, she was disappointed when it was over! Linda's conclusions were valuable to us; we now have a better understanding of the task at hand and feel less "panicked" about which course to take.

Mother of 4 year old highly gifted girl
Mother of 4 year old highly gifted girl

...I owe you everything I've worked for ... I cannot thank you enough. The size of the Universe is smaller than the amount of appreciation I have for you."

18 year old actor
18 year old actor

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